Be the Light - School Clubs


Since 2018, The Ari Arteaga Foundation has made it its mission to Be the Light and help others in need in the Miami area. Through this work, we have held successful community events and fundraisers to help vulnerable populations. Recently, we began partnering with local schools in Miami to create clubs where children and teens can join and continue to promote Ari's personal message to "Be the Light." Find out more about what we do in our Be the Light and Be the Little Light (for younger students) school clubs.

Mission of Be the Light Clubs

The Be the Light Clubs operate in the same way as the Ari Arteaga Foundation, where the missions is to provide community service opportunities for students. This can include things like helping a school's student body to organize after school and/or weekend community service events that benefit the surrounding community. It also includes a leadership program targeted and helping students to take on and organize service opportunities on behalf of others. Furthermore, the goal of the Be the Light and Be the Little Light Clubs is to increase awareness of the activities of the Ari Arteaga Foundation in the school and the community to ultimately help the underserved populations in Miami. Through collaborating with schools and students, our motto to Be the Light can extend successfully to youth and help to create a bigger impact. 

Activities of Be the Light Clubs

In particular, the Be the Light and Be the Little Light clubs have two main focus areas of promoted activities. The first one is direct service and the second one is indirect service.

Direct Service

Direct service opportunities that the clubs engage in are things that have an instant, meaningful impact on the participants. These opportunities can include things like students volunteering at local special needs school to assist other students with activities or tasks. It also includes things like volunteering with after school programs and extracurricular activities to read to young children and/or teach art, music and dance. Some school chapters have hosted and attended birthday parties for youth who participate in partner organizations. Finally, we still focus on the giving aspect in direct service and some school chapters have collected items for food pantries and hosted holiday food drives in Miami.

Indirect Service

As far as indirect service opportunities go, these activities include raising funds and collecting goods to be distributed within the community. Activities that fall under indirect service can include things like fundraising for the Be the Light Scholarship and other after school programming. Collecting food pantry and toiletry items and/or sorting them for local food pantries is also a popular activity. Indirect service can also include creating decorations, cards and other things in preparation for direct community service events. Finally, as virtual events are become more popular, these indirect service activities in the Be the Light Clubs have begun to include virtual service opportunities.

Getting Involved in Be the Light Clubs

As you can see, there are plenty of activities that children and teens participate in when it comes to getting involved in the Be the Light clubs. If you are interested in bringing a chapter to your school, be sure to check out our website to learn more.