Our Work Promoting Be the Light


Since 2018, The Ari Arteaga Foundation has made it its mission to Be the Light and help others in need in the Miami area. Specifically, it is our goal to promote education and scholarship, as well as host various community events that are targeted towards vulnerable populations. Read on to find out more about what we do to spread the message to "Be the Light", which was Ari's personal motto.


Since 2018, we have hosted fundraisers with the goal of providing high school scholarships to young men in the Miami area. More specifically, these fundraisers go towards scholarships to attend a private high school in Miami, which emphasizes a Christian education. Students who demonstrate qualities that align with Ari's unique light and characteristics are given priority. Additionally, students who have exhausted other financial options are strongly encouraged to apply.

Through these fundraisers, we have been able to provide scholarships to several young men since 2018. Examples of these fundraiser events coincide with season celebrations, and are directed at both youth and adults. In the summer we host fun events like luaus and fishing parties. During the holidays we focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas events. Furthermore, we also have events that are specifically targeted at youth. Specifically, we have hosted video gaming virtual events that appeal to teens. We also host more traditional seated dinner events with live music for adults. Finally, due to COVID, we were creative in 2020 and hosted a variety of virtual events that were a success at spreading the message to Be the Light.

We hope to continue this success for many years to come to continue spreading Ari's message to youth in Miami who require educational assistance.

Community Events

In addition to the Be the Light scholarships, we also host regular community events in Miami throughout the year. These include things that adults and children alike can participate in. We love to make volunteering in Miami a family event that everyone can join. We frequently host community-based events that include things like food drives, toiletry drives, toy drives and more. Visit our website to learn more about specific, upcoming events and how you can get involved. Remember, our goal is to make volunteering a fun affair that helps to spread positivity. Ari's message to Be the Light rings true in each Miami community volunteer event that we have hosted since 2018

If you've already volunteered or attended one of our events before, we thank you! If you are interested in learning more about donating to our cause or attending a fundraiser to help send a Miami youth to high school, be sure to check out our website. Finally, if you are interested in how you can donate your time or your children's time to get involved in fun and effective community volunteer events in Miami, be sure to visit our website and check out the contact us page for how to get in touch. 

Be the Light